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Greg Howe Says He's Worked Just Two Days in His Life

The guitarist talks about his career in the Latest 'No Guitar Is Safe' Podcast.

Greg Howe has held one job in his life—working in a factory that “made jars, or something”—and he quit after two days.

Why? Because, on day two, Shrapnel Records left an interesting message on the answering machine at his mom’s house, where the then-struggling-24-year-old guitarist was still residing.

“It was Mike Varney, whom I had FedEx’ed my tape to the day before,” says Howe. “When I called Mike back, he said, ‘How’d you like to be on Shrapnel?’ “

The funny part, says Howe, is that “Shrapnel is the only label that will ask you to play more notes on your songs.”

As a guest on Episode 4 of No Guitar Is Safe, the new guitar podcast from Guitar Player magazine, Howe chats and jams with host Jude Gold for over an hour, and covers everything from his Shrapnel years to his tour with Michael Jackson to his upcoming album and instructional video.

And yes, a lot of notes are played, as Howe is plugged in the whole time.

“The great parts of this episode,” says host Jude Gold, “are when Greg talks about the many epiphanies he’s experienced in music—from huge ‘aha’ moments involving technique, to the moment he realized that even if guitar were illegal he’d still be making music, to the moment he walked away from life-changing money offered by the Justin Timberlake tour to pursue his own artistic voice.”

To hear the episode in its entirety, click the link below, or subscribe on iTunes, or wherever you get your podcasts. You can also check out the first three episodes, which featured Joe Satriani, Brad Gillis (Night Ranger, Ozzy Osbourne), and James Valentine (Maroon 5).