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GA contributor Josh Max debuts 'CARnivore'


Auto journalist and Guitar Aficionado contributor Josh Max will be hosting a new show, CARnivore, debuting on Discovery’s Velocity channel tonight, December 6, at 9:30 PM. On the program, Max reveals the passion and people inside car-crazy subcultures, on a quest to see what “drives” us all.

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In each half-hour episode, Max travels to a region in a ride specific to his destination—a Mustang in Detroit, a Ferrari in Miami, or an off-road in the Alaskan wilderness. He digs deep into each subculture, talking to auto aficionados about exotic wheels, hot rod mods, and life. Finally, Max takes it further with head-to-head challenges against these motor maniacs—from flipping switches in a low-rider contest to driving in a demolition derby. Along the way, Max delves into the quirks of our driving culture—from escaping the clutches of predatory meter maids to fixing a flat without a spare tire.

Says Max, It’s “Pee-Wee’s Playhouse” for gearheads. They point a camera at me and I say and do whatever comes to my mind, whether it’s driving an Aston-Martin DBS Coupe 80 miles per hour in reverse, running over an Epson printer that’s jammed for the 10th time, playing viewers a song about cars, or offering to wrestle a guy who outweighs me by 100 pounds for his classic car. It’s not all hijinks, though – I’m a real auto journalist with over 12 years experience and 700 cars tested. The show is informative, just a little less dry than you might expect from a program about cars."

A guitar player as well as car expert, Max will also play guitar on the show. He says, “The director of CARnivore, Michael Hoff, asked me to bring my Gibson Blues King Junior guitar to the shoot. At the end of the first day of shooting, Michael asked me to play something. Until I actually started playing, I had no idea what I would play, and I ended up singing ‘Takin’ My Own Sweet Time,’ and they put it in the show. They also used my songs, “Fortunately for Me, There’s You,” and “Stand and Dig It” as soundtrack.”

As for the connection between cars and music, Max says, Both provide ecstatic, spiritual, mental and emotional release and escape, and both can annoy the hell out of you.”