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Former Eagles Guitarist Don Felder to Release First Solo Album Since 1983

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Guitarist Don Felder, formerly of The Eagles, will release a new solo album, Road to Forever, on October 9.

Road to Forever is Felder's second solo album and his first since 1983.

The album features 12 guitar-driven tracks in the classic LA-rock style of The Eagles. The songs focus on life, love's gains and losses and redemption.

After his separation from The Eagles and a divorce from his 29-year marriage, Felder was inspired to "write out the stories of my life as songs. After I collected myself, I found I needed to go out and play music again. That's how I began recording the album. In the process, I found out who I really am - I had to find out what happened when I almost lost it all."

You can check out one new track, "Fall From Grace of Love," right here.

Road to Forever, which was produced by Felder and Robin DiMaggio (Paul Simon, Steve Vai), features several guest performers, including Crosby, Stills & Nash, Tommy Shaw, Randy Jackson and others.

Track listing for Road to Forever

01. Fall From the Grace of Love
02. Girls in Black
03. Wash Away
04. I Believe in You
05. You Don't Have Me
06. Money
07. Someday
08. Heal Me
09. Over You
10. Road to Forever
11. Life's Lullaby
12. Give My Life

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