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Don Felder Tells the Story Behind His “Hotel California” Double-Neck

See the former Eagles' guitarist's touring rig and hear the story behind his "Hotel California" demo.

PHOTO: Larry Marano | Getty Images

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Premier Guitar has just shared its Rig Rundown with former Eagles guitarist Don Felder, which you can watch below.

It’s a great in-depth discussion in which Felder talks about his early years as a player and some of his touring guitars, including his iconic white Gibson EDS-1275.

Filmed before a recent show at Nashville’s City Winery, the video opens with Felder talking about growing up in Gainesville, Florida, and the numerous musicians that came out of that city. Among those Felder mentions are Stephen Stills and Tom Petty, both of whom he knew and played with while they were all teenagers, and Duane Allman, who taught Felder how to play slide while they were still in their teens.

From there, Felder shows his touring guitars. He’s been closely linked to holy grail–era Gibson Les Pauls and owns an original 1959 ’Burst that he keeps safe at home. On the road, he uses his Custom Shop ’59 reissue with custom-wound Seymour Duncan pickups, which he shows and talks about in the video.

Felder also presents his iconic Gibson EDS-1275 double-neck and talks about how he had his wired for stereo to allow him to play “Hotel California” live. The original inspiration for the dual outputs came when Felder attended a Chet Atkins concert while he was a kid. Atkins had routed the lowest three strings to one amp and the top three strings to another, allowing him to play (and amplify) “Dixie” and “Yankee Doodle Dandy” at the same time—and blow the mind of a young Don Felder.

Afterward, Felder shows a Strat he pieced together from spare parts as well as his admittedly modest pedal board and Fender Deluxe Reverb reissue amp.

Watch the video, and visit to see more photos from the session.