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Aclam Floating Guitar Support Used to Exhibit John Lennons’ $2.4 Million Acoustic

The invisible guitar stand lets any guitar be displayed as a work of art.
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When Julien’s Auctions displayed John Lennon’s Gibson J-160E acoustic-electric guitar for its November 7 Icons & Idols Rock n' Roll auction, it presented the instrument on the Aclam Floating Guitar support.

Considering the guitar’s esteemed history as the instrument on which Lennon wrote and played many of the Beatles’ early hits, that says quite a lot about Aclam’s achievement with this innovative guitar support. Lennon’s guitar went on to take $2.4 million, breaking a world record for most valuable artist-owned guitar ever sold at auction.

The Aclam Floating Guitar support was selected to exhibit Lennon’s guitar due to its design and functionality, which allows guitars to be presented as unique works of art. Floating Guitar is unique due to its sheer versatility and the fact that it is invisible, allowing the guitar to remain the central focal point.

The support is available in wall or stand versions, and Aclam offers an extensive range of models for electric guitars (such as Stratocaster, Les Paul and SG styles), acoustic guitars, archtops and classical guitars (official launch at NAMM 2016).

Aclam Guitars was created from passion for music and innovation, a combination that has driven the company to become a leading designer, producer and distributor of guitars and accessories of supreme quality since 2010. For more information, visit