The 2011 Editors’ Pick Awards

February 8, 2012

The GP staff is constantly evaluating what seems to be a never-ending blitz of electric and acoustic guitars, amps, pedals, accessories, recording tools, and other goodies. Most everything we review these days is well constructed, musical, and useable, but some products always stand out as “must have” gear. These gems get our Editors’ Pick Awards.

We certainly admit our awards are highly subjective. There’s not much science here—we simply fall in love with something for various reasons, and we want to share those discoveries with our readers. Group debate is critical, because in order for us to bestow an Editors’ Pick Award, every editor must agree the gear under consideration can be recommended to all guitar players without caveats or concerns. This doesn’t mean the product is perfect—although if it isn’t near perfect, it won’t make the cut. It simply means that it is so inspiring a creative tool that Art, Barry, Matt, and I believe your musical mojo will be seriously enhanced if you choose to own one.

Here then, are this year’s Editors’ Pick Awards. For your reference, we’ve also noted the 2011 issues in which the products were reviewed.

—Michael Molenda

Trailer Trash Pedalboard, November

Acoustic Guitars
Guild F-30R, January
Taylor GS Mini, March

Egnater Tweaker-88, December
Fishman Loudbox Mini, New Products
Mesa/Boogie TransAtlantic TA -15, April
Mesa/Boogie TransAtlantic TA -30, August

Electric Guitars
Charvel Desolation, December
Dean Angel of Deth II , December
Epiphone Emperor Swingster, November
Epiphone Nighthawk, December
G&L Deluxe Carved Top, December
G&L Korina ASAT Junior II , Holiday
Hagstrom Ultra Swede, December
Jay Turser JT-LT -RW , December
Line 6 James Tyler Variax JTV-69, July
Peavey Power Slide, May
Peavey Session, December
PRS JA-15, February
PRS McCarty 58, February
Squier Vintage Modified
Jazzmaster, December
Sterling by Music Man
AX30, December
Tregan Shaman, December
Xaviere XV-890, December

Dunlop DVP1, March
Eventide Space, September
Fulltone PlimSoul, January
Source Audio Soundblox Pro
Multiwave Distortion, July
Strymon El Capistan dTape
Echo, New Products
TC Electronic Flashback
Delay and Looper, April
TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb, April
TC Electronic Vortex Flanger, April
Tech 21 Roto Choir, November
Way Huge Green Rhino MkII , March

Recording Gear
Boss BR-80, December

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