Test Drive: Eminence Red Coat Series Red Fang 10

August 15, 2012

Anyone looking for a 10" alnico magnet speaker with 50 watts of power handling capability and a distinctly English flare would be well served to try out Eminence’s Red Fang 10 ($249 street). This American-made speaker turned out to be an impressive performer with the various amps I drove it with, including a mid-’70s Marshall 50-watt head, a Fender Princeton Reverb, a Hughes & Kettner TubeMeister 5, and a JetCity Pico Valve. Pummeled with my Gibson SG, the Red Fang was all about old-school British tone. Whether I ran the Marshall or Fender amps through it, the Red Fang’s aggressive, yet smooth-sounding compression produced a sweet, stinging tone that was perfect for blues and rock.

With higher-gain amps such as the TubeMeister 5, the Red Fang handled the onslaught of modern crunch with aplomb, delivering taut bottom-end and a righteous upper-midrange scream. The Red Fang’s clean tones were happening, too, with plenty of chewy top end that, while not overly bright (even when slapped with a Telecaster), still contained enough transparent sparkle to yield lovely open-string jangle and chime.

The Red Fang manages to ride the line between retro and modern tones beautifully, and would be a great choice if you’re looking to put some classic British wail in a 1x10 combo or cab.

Kudos British-inspired tones with the ability to rock in the modern world, as well. Beefcake power handling.
Concerns Only available in 8Ω.
Contact eminence.com

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