Rick Springfield's Starter Guitars

November 7, 2013

WHEN I WAS GROWING UP IN AUSTRALIA, we couldn’t afford Fenders and Gibsons, so we had Framus, Hofner, and Maton. I still love those guitars, and many of them are in my house today. I have guitars everywhere. They have great mojo, and they remind me of the 14-year-old starting out with all these dreams. The Hofners and the Framuses had a sound, but they didn’t have a lot of power or high end. I’d plug them in and a lot of them would sound like jazz boxes. I mean, you’d buy a guitar for about 50 bucks back then, and you knew you weren’t getting a top-of-the-line guitar. My first great guitar was the Gibson SG I bought in 1969 that I wrote “Jessie’s Girl” on. When I first played it, it was like, “Oh, so this is what a guitar is supposed to sound like!”

Rick Springfield recently contributed to Dave Grohl’s Sound City film and soundtrack, jamming out the tune, “The Man That Never Was.”

Framus Hollywood Hofner Galaxie Maton Wedgetail
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