Prestige Musician Pro

May 1, 2010

gp0510_gear0321MUSICIAN PRO

The original Musician is almost as wide as the flight deck on an aircraft carrier. That didn’t bother me at all, because I dig big boxes (even though my 5' 6" frame is often amusingly dwarfed by such monsters), but Prestige felt the line needed a more conventionally shaped semi-hollowbody—hence the slimmer, trimmer Musician Pro. The Pro is definitely a little easier to wrap your arms around when you’re playing sitting down or standing, but it’s also about a pound heavier than its wide-load-styled sibling due to its solid center block (the Musician is a true hollowbody).

Compared side-by-side to the Musician, the Pro sounds quite similar. There’s a tad more snap to the Pro’s midrange, and a perceptible extra sparkle to the highs, but, otherwise, you get most of the warm, articulate tones produced by the big boy. The Pro is better at delivering jangly acoustic-like strums, but it can’t uncork the meaty, Duane Eddy-style resonance that the Musician throws down.

The Pro’s construction quality absolutely matches the sterling level reached by its mates—the wine-red finish offset by the gold hardware is a thing of beauty. The Bigsby delivers gorgeous vibrato without tossing everything out of tune, and I tend to really yank that sucker for the occasional flutter effect, so trust me, it’s one tough unit.

I think the Pro is a good move. It looks and sounds great—you can cop warm jazzy tones, and then kick in the overdrive and distortion for everything from flute-y fusion sounds to psychedelic blues—and it will feel marvelous to anyone who goes for slender semi-hollowbodies. Call it a “kinder, gentler” Musician, or just call it a fabulous guitar, because the Pro is one slick machine.


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