Prestige Heritage Standard

May 1, 2010

gp0510_gear0316HERITAGE STANDARD

The Heritage’s sunburst, quiltedmaple top is stop-you-in-yourtracks stunning, so if you’re a slave to beautiful things, you’ll think nothing of paying $200 more than the Classic to call this beauty your own. Its gorgeous glow might even make you forget its weight—which may put gravity to work on some player’s shoulders a bit more than they’d like. In any case, I wanted to see what the Heritage’s extra beef proposition brought to the tonal table. Acoustic sustain between the Heritage and Classic was about the same. I fretted and picked a few notes around each guitar’s neck with a 1mm pick—trying to keep the attack the same—and the notes would ring out for around six to seven seconds on each guitar. Draw. I tried the same test after plugging into the lead channel of the Mesa/Boogie Stiletto, and the Heritage consistently out-sustained the Classic by just a couple of seconds.Nod to Heritage. Frequency-wise, both guitars are lively and articulate, but the Heritage has an ever-so-slightly darker timbre to its mids, while the Classic’s mids are a tad airier. No winner—totally up to user preference.

So, as the Heritage boasts the same excellent workmanship as the Classic, choosing between them really comes down to whether you dig the Heritage’s ultra-luscious top, and whether you can comfortably sling the heavier Heritage around your neck for long sets or torturous rehearsals. Happily, there’s no right or wrong answer, as both models rule.


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