New Gear December Holiday 2010

December 1, 2010
gp1310_ng_ipho_nrPeavey Electronics and Agile Partners AmpKit+ App

Goodies Operates on any iPhone. Includes Peavey ValveKing amp and ValveKing cabinets; 3120 amp with matching 4x12 cabinet; Colonel Vintage amp with matching 4x10 and 1x12 cabinets; and Vintage Brit amp with matching 2x12 cabinet. Pedals include Noise Gate, Elevenizer, 10-band EQ, distortion, fuzz, compressor, chorus, phaser, flanger, and reverb. Mics include: Workhorse 57 dynamic and Germann 87 condenser. Built-in noise and feedback filter.
Price $19 retail
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gp1310_ng_ADA_nrA/DA Flanger

Goodies All-analog signal path. Employs Panasonic BBDs to get the same sound and feel as the award-winning A/DA Flangers shipped in 1980. Even/Odd Harmonics switch. Threshold, Manual, Range, Speed, and Enhance controls.
Price $349 retail
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gp1310_ng_Rev_nrFernandes Revolver Elite JS

Goodies Alder body. Maple neck-thru with maple fretboard. 25.5" scale length. Floyd Rose-licensed tremolo. Pickups: Sustainer (neck), EMG S (middle), EMG 81 (bridge).
Price $1,899 retail, $1,499 street
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gp1310_ng_Herm_nrHermit Cab Speaker Cabinets

Goodies Direct, diffuse, and isolate your speaker sounds by adjusting and configuring hinged panels, baffles, and installed microphones.
Price $650 to 1,200 retail
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gp1310_ng_Modkits_nrMod Kits The Enticer

Goodies Tube overdrive pedal kit based on a N.O.S. original RCA 12AU7A vacuum tube. Limited edition of 30 kits. Easy-to-follow instructions and point-to-point wiring. Pre-drilled enclosure and all parts are included.
Price $99 retail
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gp1310_ng_Dun_nrDunlop Black Fang Picks

Goodies Based on a vintage tortoise-shell pick and made of tough, sturdy Ultex material. Available in .73, .94, and 1.14mm gauges.
Price Player’s pack of 6 picks, $4 retail; Pick tin with 6 picks, $5 retail
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gp1310_ng_shep_nrSheptone Red Headed Stepchild Pickup

Goodies Delivers a slightly hotter signal than traditional PAF humbuckers. Available in zebra, reverse zebra, or double-black finish. Optional aged covers (pictured) are also available.
Price $125 retail
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