Julie Slick On Sweet Talking Robert Fripp

September 1, 2010

GP0910_Riffs_JS2_nrTWENTY-FOUR-YEAR-OLD BASSIST Julie Slick is best known for her role in the Adrian Belew Power Trio, but she has also worked with artists such as Jon Anderson, Stewart Copeland, Ann Wilson, and Alice Cooper. Her debut solo album, Julie Slick [julieslick.com], features an all-star cast that includes King Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp. “I had met Robert through Adrian, so I emailed him on a whim after I got Marco Minnemann and Pat Mastelotto onboard, because I knew they were musicians he greatly respected,” says Slick. “He said that unfortunately he was very busy and couldn’t contribute anything new, but that I could sample any of his soundscapes. I wasn’t that familiar with a lot of them, and it was fun going deep into his catalog and educating myself. A lot of his soundscapes are really lush and rich, and some of them are very harsh, and I picked those that straddled the line in between.

GP0910_Riffs_JS1_nrThen I imported them into Logic and worked with them to see how they would adapt to my pieces and vice-versa.” But there was another ingredient in Slick’s recruitment strategy. “Adrian had told me about Robert’s affinity for sweets,” confides Slick. “So I baked a batch of brownies for him, and he ended up calling them ‘the brownies of wonderment, horror, and delight’ on his blog. That’s actually how I got people to play on my CD. I told them, ‘Here are the people that are contributing and if you take part, I’ll bake you some cookies.’”

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