“Incomparable” for Flatpicked Guitar

June 27, 2006

Our arrangement is divided into A and B sections. The map works like this: Play the A section with its first and second endings, then the B section with its first and second endings. As you complete the B section’s second ending, the “D.C. al Coda” instructs you to return to the beginning and play through the A section until you again reach its second ending. There, you’re directed by the Coda sign to skip the second ending and hop to the final section (the concluding two bars, marked Coda). With its shower of harp tones, this is the grand finale.

You’ll notice that there are crucial spots in the A section and ending that call for a hybrid picking technique: Pluck the fifth string with your flatpick and the first string with your middle or ring finger. (I recommend the latter, though either finger will work.) Dig into the harmonics with your flatpick, and throughout the tune strive for maximum sustain, so at any given moment you can hear several strings interacting. With practice, you’ll be able to get delicious major and minor seconds churning in your guitar.

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