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September 19, 2005

It’s software! It’s an Audio CD for jamming! Under the Groove’s Jam Tracks ($15; comes on an enhanced CD that plays 41 backing tracks in your audio CD player. If you have a PC handy, however, you can use the software that categorizes the tracks, and provides on-screen scale patterns, arpeggios, chord voicings, and printable scale patterns and chord charts.

One of the electric guitarist’s favorite tonal playgrounds is the filter. You can use M-Audio’s JamLab Virtual Guitar System ($79) as an interface with your choice of recording software, or use the included amp-modeling and effects software as a virtual guitar rig. Connect the interface to your Mac or PC’s USB port, load the included Dsound GT Express software, and you’re ready to go. GT Express is compatible with Core Audio, WDM, ASIO 2, ReWire, and VST. The software includes distortion, EQ, chorus, delay, reverb, and a noise gate, and you can use up to four effects simultaneously. GT Express lets you record your guitar tracks, and add them to a built-in playlist. You get 160MB of ProSessions drum loops to keep you in the pocket, and you can also load and play AAC, mp3, and WAV audio files. JamLab can also change playback speed for practice and transcribing.
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