Fargen introduces the 5-watt Micro Plex

March 26, 2013
imgFargen Amplification announced today it has expanded its line of tube guitar amplifiers with the introduction of the Micro Plex. The Micro Plex specifically targets a market that Fargen customers have been asking for by providing them a high quality, boutique amplifier at a price point under $1,000 USD.
The Micro Plex is a Class A, handwired tube amplifier that offers a versatile range of classic rock tones – from “The Wind Cries Mary” to “Back in Black”. The 5 Watt design features push-pull gain and tone shift modes. Its circuit is similar to that of the Fargen Mini Plex MKII, but with a slightly smaller footprint measuring 16.5x9x7".
Additional features include:

• Hand wired design
• Vintage '60s-style mustard caps
• Vintage style carbon comp resistors
• USA built transformers
• Dual power tube sockets for use with any octal power tube (no re-bias)
• Uses EL34/KT66/KT77/6550/6L6/5881/6V6 ECT
• DC filaments for ultra-quiet operation
The Micro Plex is an amp that retailers can offer in their mix, providing customers with an exciting alternative at an attractive price. “Players looking to upgrade to the boutique market can grab the Micro Plex’s top-shelf tone, at a non-boutique price” says Ben Fargen, founder and CEO. “And boutique customers looking for a compact amp will find a lot of tone in this package. Think of this as the little brother to the Mini Plex; it is a wonderful way to capture your rock vibe.”

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