Coax Spooky Sustain from Your Flat-Top

March 23, 2006

Best of all, the EBow lets you rediscover your instrument by exploring extended lines and melismatic melodies that are impossible to execute with conventional plucking techniques. Armed with an EBow, a mic, and a multitrack recorder, you can even create guitar choirs by stacking single-line parts played on your flat-top. Whether you’re jazzed by Johannes Brahms or Brian May, the Allman Brothers or Robert Fripp, you’ll be thrilled with the results.

This lesson will introduce you to some of the EBow’s musical possibilities. (If you’ve never used one before, see “EBow Chops 101” for an overview of the fundamentals.) Experiment a bit with this device, and you’ll soon be hooked on insane sustain.

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