Learn the Guitar Habits of John Frusciante

March 20, 2017
PHOTO:  Kristian Dowling | Getty Images
Tyler Larson has made a number of videos in which he explores the musical habits of great guitarists. Among those whose work he’s examined thus far are Slash, John Mayer, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Steve Vai.

In this video, he looks at the guitar habits of former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante. Apparently, the video has been highly anticipated by Tyler’s viewers.

“I have gotten more requests for John Frusciante’s habits than any other guitar player,” Tyler says.

As always, Tyler explains, “I’m not trying to match his tone, I’m not trying to show you exact licks. I’m trying to dissect the guitar player’s playing and figure out what they do and infuse it in my own guitar playing and give that knowledge to you so you can use some of the best tricks and tips from your favorite guitar players.”

Tyler runs through Frusciante’s use of triads and chord progressions and his employment of hammer-ons to embellish his chording, his groove (and how to find it for yourself), his melodicism and much more.

Along the way, Tyler uses some of Frusciante’s parts to demonstrate the techniques and walks you through the various fine points of each.

Take a look, and visit Tyler’s Music Is Win YouTube channel for more of his videos.

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