Ohmphrey Ohmphrey CD

October 1, 2009


As the name might very well suggest, this band is made up of members of Ohm (fretless wonder Robertino Pagliari and the monstrous Chris Poland) and Umphrey’s McGee (including guitarist Jake Cinninger). This largely improvised collection of instrumentals features a metric ton of killer guitar playing, with intricate funk-rock from Cinninger and ungodly legato lines from Poland. “Denny’s by the Jail” is a good place to start to hear Poland cut loose on his impossibly extended scale runs (plus some ring modulator tones, courtesy of a DOD Gonkulator). Cinninger shines on his reverb-drenched break on that same tune. Poland’s Holdsworth-y clean chorused tones rear their chimey heads on “Ice Cream,” with Cinninger providing chordal counterpoint and single-note flourishes. Cinninger goes for broke on his solo on “Lake Shore Drive” with precise double-picking and crazed two-handed work. The arrangements have enough twists and turns to prevent these songs from sounding like jam tracks that were created solely for the purpose of shredding over, and the dynamics with the keyboards and fretless bass provide a safe place for the guitars to land no matter how wild things get. This record was not only tracked live but was recorded on Tascam DA-38s(!) for a definite seat-of- the-pants feel and sound. It’s a bold move from two bold guitarists who are still severely underrated. Magna Carta.
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