Celtic Guitarist Tony McManus Releases Mysterious Boundaries

June 26, 2013
Called “the best Celtic guitarist in the world” by English guitarist John Renbourn, the self-taught Canadian-by-way-of-Scotland guitarist Tony McManus has built a loyal following with his impressive, fingerstyle performances of folk and Celtic music. In a bold exhibition of his proficiency as a guitarist and as an arranger, McManus now releases Mysterious Boundaries – a collection of classical pieces learned and arranged entirely by ear.  McManus will tour throughout 2013 in support of the new album, with a stop in Nashville July 10 – 13th for the annual Chet Atkins Appreciation Society Convention.
“I really loved hearing traditional folk music and I’m still a folk musician at the end of the day, that’s where my feet finally land at the end of any project. And that whole idea has always interested me, the boundaries between genres,” says McManus of the new album: “What creates those boundaries, what happens if you jump to either side? Is it a valid thing to do? Is it a worthwhile thing to do? The penny finally dropped – you don’t need a degree in musicology to be moved.”
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