Bill Walker: Sanctuary

March 14, 2014
All of the music on this intriguing disc—including a variety of percussion- and sequencer-like sounds—was played on electric and lap-steel guitars. Walker expands the sonic reach of his instruments via creative playing techniques, deft deployment of effects, and his masterful command of the esoteric programming capabilities of the Looperlative LP-1 digital looper. His efforts were greatly aided by Erdem Helvacioglu’s post-production, editing, and sound design touches, which lend additional coherency and direction to the guitarist’s entirely improvised tracks. This is smart, gently rhythmic, and often cinematic ambient music that flows majestically from beginning to end, making it ideal for activities ranging from deep listening to your next road trip. Far East West.
Read my feature story on Bill Walker and Erdem Helvacioglu here.
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