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October 1, 2009



Prepare to be blown away by Shadows Fall’s latest release, Retribution. With crazy riffs, fat and heavy chugs, and smooth clean tones, guitarists Matt Bachand and Jonathan Donais are in fine form and show no signs of slowing down from their previous efforts. Things start off with “The Path to Imminent Ruin,” a short instrumental that hints at the record’s darker feel. The track is a great intro to the album and demonstrates Bachand and Donais’ extraordinary musicality. The rest of the record is heavy as hell, with each song full of raw energy, and killer guitar riffs dueling with intense drum parts. Despite the heavy nature of Retribution, the intricate song structures and musical variety make each song stand out. In “A Public Execution,” one second you’re listening to a heavy kick drum pattern layered with screaming guitars, and in the blink of an eye it switches to an acoustic-sounding outro with warm clean tones. Fans of the band will love Retribution’s 45 minutes of metal madness. Shadows Fall can definitely count this album as a victory. Everblack Industries. —Stephen Ordonez
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