The Trick to Change Tuning and String Gauges on a Floyd Rose Tremolo

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PHOTO: Wei Hsin Li | Flickr Creative Commons (cropped)

Guitarist Ben Eller regularly posts helpful tutorials on his YouTube channel.

In this recent video, Eller demonstrates his trick to mastering the incredibly difficult task of changing the tuning and string gauges on a Floyd Rose tremolo.

“I get dozens of emails and telepathic dream messages every week from fans all over the world who are in a world of pain from trying to change tunings and string gauges on their Floyd Rose/Ibanez Edge/Lo Pro Edge tremolos,” he writes. “And I can't blame them!”

He notes that his first time working with a floating bridge was a disaster: “By the time I got the low strings tuned down, the high strings were way sharp. Then when I tuned them down, the low strings had jumped up to standard pitch again. What a nightmare.

“It was years later that I stumbled across this awesome trick for changing the tuning on a Floyd-equipped guitar. I’m going to save you a lot of time and frustration, not even to mention your immortal soul. You just may need that later.”

In the video, Eller walks you through the tools and basic principles of the procedure using his 1987 Ibanez RG550.

Check it out, and when you’re finished, visit his YouTube channel for more of his videos.