The Five Pillars of Guitar Practice Habits

How to make the most out of limited practice time.
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If you’re like most nonprofessional guitarists, you don’t have nearly enough time in your day to practice as much as you’d like. You probably have goals for improving on the instrument but perhaps lack the structure necessary to get there in a systematic way.

Phillip McKnight understands where you’re coming from. In this video, he shares his “Five Pillars of Practice Habits for the Guitar Hobbyist.” Unlike other tutorials on the subject, Phillip’s system is designed for guitarists who have limited time to practice.

“There are tons of videos and articles about practice habits, mostly written by professional guitar players,” he says, “and they tell you things like they practice eight hours a day. It’s important to understand that they’re like marathon runners at this point in their careers. They need to practice a lot to accommodate the amount of playing they’re doing.

“So what I’ve learned over the years is this system that allows me to always spend time with my guitar every day.”

His habits include building the foundation of your guitar skills, improving your fluency on the instrument, building your technique and so on.

Take a look, and visit Phillip’s YouTube channel for more of his videos.