Quick Licks September 2010

Former Guitar Player Guitar Superstar finalist Brian Davidson sent us this cool run.
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Former Guitar Player Guitar Superstar finalist Brian Davidson sent us this cool run. “It’s basically a twooctave C major scale with an added b3 and b5,” he says. “The chord tones on every beat and the triplet feel create a strong blend of melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic elements, so it works fast or slow. Whether ascending [1st bar] or descending [2nd bar], there’s a great sense of momentum. It’s fun to play, as it involves several position shifts and stretches, none of which are too difficult. Since it’s three notes per string, you can play it legato as written or with alternate or sweep picking.” Bonus! If you play it with repeats, it’s loopable.


GP reader Will Kriski kicked along this nifty riff in E. “This is a blues or country lick that uses a pick as well as the ring finger,” he says. “Take note of the hammer-ons, pull-offs, slide, and open strings as this will help you get the right sound. The lick is based on the E7 arpeggio shape in the diagram. Note the G to G# movement—b3 to 3— which gives this lick its bluesy sound. Also note the use of the open G string, which is often used in country licks. I use my ring finger, notated with an ‘a’ underneath the note, but feel free to try your middle finger or use both.”



Yet another cool lick from yet another alumnus of the Guitar Superstar finals. Les Robot has returned with a twisted little tidbit. “This is what I call ‘blues you can use,’” he explains. “It’s a great way to get from the I chord to the IV chord. It works in many styles. I use a hybrid picking attack, but alternate picking gives it another flavor. I think its cool because the lick has a syncopated feel to it, and it works everywhere on the fretboard.”