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Guitar Essentials: Seven Ways to Practice More Efficiently

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PHOTO: Cindy Moorhead

If you’re going to put the time into practicing your guitar, you may as well get the most out of your effort.

In his latest Sensei Series video, samurai guitarist Steve-san Onotera shares seven tips that can help make your woodshedding more organized and effective.

Among his suggestions is to have a clear idea of why you’re practicing in the first place.

“Say, for example, I am practicing running my scales in thirds, because I want to improve finger dexterity, because the music I love playing requires this,” he says. “Then all the motivations lineup. If something is out of line, we need to make sure we adjust what we are doing or we’ll end up hitting a wall.”

Take a look. Visit Steve’s YouTube channel at SamuraiGuitarist for more of his videos. If you like what you see, consider supporting his efforts at his Patreon.com page, which will give you instant access to as many as 45 patron-only posts.