Guitar Essentials: Here's How to Improve Your Strumming Technique

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Not every guitarist has great rhythm or a sense of how to develop strong rhythms when strumming their guitar. Simply working to a metronome might be a good way to keep time, but it does nothing to help you develop beyond basic strumming patterns, nor does it help you develop dynamics that can add articulation to your strumming.

In this video, “Strum Like a Boss,” Sean Daniel offers some great ideas to help you improve your strumming technique. He starts off by demonstrating simple counting techniques to help you with down- and upstrokes. He then moves to dynamic strumming, adding accents that provide articulation to strumming technique.

We previously featured Sean’s excellent tutorial on playing barre chords, his video on how to “Learn Every Blues Song, Ever,” and his instructional video on power chord substitutions. When you’re done watching this lesson, visit his YouTube channel for more great clips and to subscribe.