Guitar Essentials: Five Things You've Got to Do to Become a Full-Time Guitarist

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PHOTO: Simone Joyner | Getty Images

If you’re thinking about a full-time career as a musician, you might not know what to expect—or, for that matter, how to optimize your chance of success.

As he marks his first year as a full-time musician, Jim Lill has assembled this video to share some of what he’s learned and to help other musicians follow their bliss.

Jim notes, “Ever since first grade when I asked for a toy and my dad said ‘Get a job,’ my lifelong quest has been not to, and so far I’m nailing it.”

Watch the video and find out the five tips that can help you do the same.

Guitar Player congratulates Jim on his achievement and thanks him for his great videos. We’ve shared many of them here over the past months and look forward to sharing more of them in the future.

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