Guitar Essentials: Five Things Every Musician Should Know About Tempo

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Did you know faster songs have more energy than slow songs?

Well… they don’t. But that hasn’t stopped a lot of musicians from thinking tempo is somehow a measure of a song’s ability to rock the house.

In his new video “Everything a Musician Should Know About Tempo,” Jim Lill dispels myths about tempo and offers facts and advice to help every musician get a handle on tempo and use it to his and her advantage.

“Instead of just guessing at something that feels right, let’s make tempo a tool that we can control,” Jim says.

His advice includes how to count the quarter, eighth and 16th beats in songs, how to guess-timate the tempo of songs with a fair degree of accuracy, how to use tempo ranges to the advantage of the music you write and play, and more.

Jim also has a suggestion that will show you just how differently you perceive tempos based on how happy, hungry or tired you are.

Check it all out in the information-packed video below.

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