Stevie Ray Vaughan Shows How He Plays Some of His Greatest Licks

See, as well as hear, Stevie Ray Vaughan in action.
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There’s probably nothing better than listening to a great guitarist play solo, allowing you to hear the intricacies of his technique. The deal is even sweeter when the guitarist is Stevie Ray Vaughan and the format is video, where you can see, as well as hear, him in action.

Settle in for a treat. In the 1989 video shown below, SRV demonstrates some of his favorite and greatest tunes alone, with just his guitar and amp. While it’s not a lesson per se, the video gives you a great, up-close look at Stevie's picking and fretting hands in action, and it’s clear enough that you can follow along.

Playing his Number One Strat, Vaughan kicks things off with Freddie King’s “Hideaway,” demonstrating both King’s and Eric Clapton’s styles of playing the song. He then launches into his own “Rude Mood” and the main riff to his version of Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition.” Between those last two numbers, Stevie speaks frankly about his past addictions and his efforts to overcome them.