Watch Electric Light Orchestra’s Official Video for “When I Was a Boy”


Jeff Lynne has released the official video for “When I Was a Boy,” the first single from Electric Light Orchestra’s new album, Alone in the Universe, and you can watch it below.

In it, Lynne revisits his own first musical stirrings as we see images of children playing and a young Lynne character watching a neighborhood band loading up a van. As the video progresses, we catch glimpses of Lynne in his adult years as he progresses through his musical projects, including ELO and his late-Eighties supergroup Traveling Wilburys, featuring Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison and Lynne.

Lynne explained the song’s meaning to Rolling Stone, noting, “My interest in music grabbed me when I was a boy. I used to go under my bed listening to the crystal set [radio]. There weren’t many good stations back then. You only got about an hour of pop music and that was on a Saturday night. That’s what led to the song, which was one of the quickest I’ve ever written lyrically and musically.”

Lynne has also release the album track “When the Night Comes.” Alone in the Universe is the first new Electric Light Orchestra album, since the release of Zoom in 2001. It comes out November 13 on Columbia Records and is available for pre-order.