Watch 10-Year-Old Toby Lee Play Onstage with B.B. King’s Band | VIDEO


Ten-year-old guitar sensation Toby Lee had a chance to perform with B.B. King’s All Star Band this past October 22, and you can see it for yourself in the video below. Toby and the band perform rousing versions of “Mustang Sally” and “Let the Good Times Roll” onstage at B.B. King’s Blues Club in Memphis.

The lad from Oxfordshire, England, became the proverbial internet sensation when he began posting videos on YouTube demonstrating his budding electric blues guitar talents. The unusual site of a young boy shredding blues licks was enhanced further by Toby’s preference for wearing onesie pajamas while playing.

One of Toby’s most-watched videos was his tribute to B.B. King (see bottom), which he posted in April when King was suffering health issues in the weeks before his death. Toby’s rendition of “The Thrill Is Gone” was offered as a get-well message to the blues man. Within days of its posting, it went viral, thanks to Joe Bonamassa and Gibson Guitar, both of whom shared it.

It turns out that Toby is such a B.B. King fan that he wanted to visit Memphis, where King first began to make a name for himself in the late Forties. When it came time for Toby’s 10th birthday, he made his wishes clear to his family.

“All he wanted for his birthday was to go to Memphis,” his father, Terry, told the Daily Mail.

At the top of Toby’s itinerary was King’s blues club, where he promptly found himself onstage.

“When he went to B.B. King’s Blues Club, he didn’t even have a rehearsal,” Terry says. “He just went up onstage and showcased his talent.

“He got a great reception—everyone loved him. He’s getting so many amazing opportunities. He’s only 10 but is already getting fan mail. It’s amazing, and we’re delighted his music is being appreciated by so many people.”

Check out Toby’s performance for yourself in the video below. He takes solos at 2:30 and 4:00 in the first song, and at 8:20 and 9:40 in the second. Watch his B.B. King tribute below as well. For more of his playing, visit his YouTube channel.