The Allman Brothers Perform “Ramblin’ Man” and Other Hits on TV, July 1981 | VIDEO

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When Warren Haynes said last week that his “door’s always open” to an Allman Brothers Band reunion, it left us feeling a little nostalgic for an even earlier incarnation of the group.

Moments later, after a quick search of YouTube, we found this extremely cool time capsule of the Allman Brothers performing at NBC Studios in Burbank, California, on July 29, 1981. That’s almost 24 years ago to the day!

The Brothers’ lineup was different then, of course, consisting of founding members Dickey Betts (guitar), Gregg Allman (keyboards/guitar) and Butch Trucks (drums) with guitarist Don Toler, keyboardist Mike Lawler, bassist David Goldflies and drummer Frankie Toler.

In the clip, shown below, the band plays through some great renditions of classic tunes. They include a rousing performance of Betts’ signature song, “Ramblin’ Man,” Allman’s “Melissa” and “Straight from the Heart,” a single released that same month, taken from their album Brothers of the Road.

Shortly afterward, in 1982, the band broke up and didn’t reunite until 1989, for their 20th anniversary. Among their band members was a new guitarist. His name? Warren Haynes.