Social Media Marketing

Some tips on how to create your own “music and content distribution system.”
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If you are a musician, you already know that social media is a way to get your music in front of other people. That said, if you are like most musicians I know, you could probably use a little coaching to ensure you are meeting your music-marketing goals. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram, it takes a serious time commitment to stay on top of what you should do on social media, and it seems like the rules and algorithms change daily! Here are some tips for your own “music and content distribution system.”

Rule #1 of social-media marketing: Get a website. Now. You need to build your media empire around a website that you own and control, because—very important—you must collect the contact information of your fans. Think about it: If the social network collapses—remember Myspace?—you’ll still have a way to communicate with and sell product to your supporters.

Here are the elements and tasks that your website should provide a (hopefully) growing audience.

> Collect emails and directly communicate with fans.
> Tell Your story. Write blog posts that tell fans about you and your values.
> Show people your accomplishments. Link to interviews and accolades.
> Sell products and services: music, merch, and lessons.
> Use social sharing tools to promote your content.
> Give fans an easy way to get ahold of you directly with a contact and booking page.
> Share your appearance schedule—tour and/or speaking dates.
> Include an electronic press kit and a bio.
> Present professional-looking photos and videos that amplify your story.

There are many ways to build a professional website containing all of the above elements.

> Hire a web designer and make a custom site. This will be expensive but it should look great.
> Build it yourself using one of the many website construction sites out there.

If you haven’t constructed a professional website for your music endeavors before, this may seem a bit daunting at first. Happily, there are tons of educational resources you can find via a Google or Bing search that will teach you how to do pretty much everything. If you need advice, website tools, or tutorials, check out my Kingdom of Rock artist resource page at

Matt Gibson is the host of the Kingdom of Rock podcast, and Director of Marketing and Public Relations at EVO Band Apps.