Slash Discusses His New "Appetite” Gibson Les Pauls, and That Time a Guitar Exploded in His Face, on No Guitar Is Safe Podcast

"Sometimes you get so emotionally into it, you don’t know your own strength," Slash says.
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On the latest episode of the No Guitar Is Safe podcast, hard rock legend Saul Hudson - aka Slash - sits down with host Jude Gold for a quick chat, covering everything from his new line of “Appetite” Gibson Les Pauls (modeled after the guitar he used on Guns N’ Roses’ kajillion-selling debut, Appetite for Destruction) to the crazy moment when, at a rehearsal with Nile Rodgers, a guitar exploded in his face.

“That was the Les Paul that Gibson gave me back in 1988,” says Slash. “I was just bending the neck, as I sometimes do in lieu of a tremolo bar, pulling on the headstock while pressing on the body, and the guitar snapped in half. 

"Sometimes you get so emotionally into it, you don’t know your own strength, and I snapped the guitar in half and something hit me and knocked a dime-sized hole in my top lip. I was able to get the guitar fixed, though. It’s still in my rig.”

Brought you by Ernie Ball’s new VPJR Tuner two-in-one volume/tuner pedal, the interview also finds Slash detailing his live gear, discussing his new Gibson J-45 acoustics, singing the praises of Frank Sidoris (his co-guitarist in Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators) and sharing the most Spinal Tap touring moment he can remember.

Asked if Guns N’ Roses will be delivering new music soon, the guitar legend wouldn’t be specific, saying only, “There’s all kinds of stuff going on.”

To hear the interview, stream episode 109 of No Guitar Is Safe below, or listen on iTunes, Spotify, your favorite podcasts app, or wherever else you get podcasts.