Justin Derrico: Five Pieces of Gear I Won't Tour Without

Pink sideman Justin Derrico Brings a music store’s worth of gear on the road, and the current Truth About Love tour is no exception.

PINK SIDEMAN JUSTIN DERRICO BRINGS A MUSIC STORE’Sworth of gear on the road, and the current Truth About Love tour is no exception. Despite all of the musical firepower in his arsenal, however, he could get by—if he absolutely had to—with the following equipment. — Matt Blackett

1. Pink likes to tease me about how many guitars I take on tour with me, but number one is my main Les Paul. It’s nothing special— a 2006 Les Paul Standard with stock pickups. I don’t know what it is about that guitar, but from the day I pulled it out of the case, it smoked everything. It’s just a great-sounding guitar. The headstock has snapped twice on it, but I repaired it.

2. My Bogner Shiva is a big part of my sound. I’ve been using Bogner amps for a long time, and that tone is kind of embedded in what I do—especially for solos.

3. A new addition to my rig is the Fried- man Brown Eye. The clean sound on that amp is like a Fender-y clean sound and it’s awesome.

4. I use delay for leads, but it’s on pretty much everything—to make things sound wetter and nicer. I’ve got a Roland SDE-3000—which is awesome— but it doesn’t have a tap-tempo function. I’m always tapping in tempos, so I mostly use the Boss DD-20 Giga Delay. It’s really nice and chewy.

5. I can’t live without my Cry Baby 535 wah pedal. It’s all over my solo record [Boldly Going Nowhere], too. Maybe it’s a crutch—I guess we all have one—but, especially for all the lead stuff, I love my Cry Baby.”