Hear the Song that Scored George Harrison the Quarrymen Gig

The beginning of something great happened today in 1958.

On February 6, 1958, young George Harrison (not quite 15) joined the Quarrymen, led by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Other band members included Len Garry, Eric Griffiths and John Lowe. 

His impromptu audition had happened on an open top double-decker bus when McCartney, who had already been playing with Harrison for about a year, encouraged him to take out his guitar and play something for Lennon. He played "Ranchy" by Bill Justis.

Lennon was reportedly impressed with his perfect rendition of the song, but at 17 and in college, Lennon had reservations about Harrison's youth." As Lennon said in the Anthology, “George looked even younger than Paul — and Paul looked about 10, with his baby face."

George, however, knew more chords than Lennon so he was welcomed into the band. "Every time we learnt a new chord," Lennon continued, "We’d write a song around it." George's mother also apparently didn't object to them practicing at the Harrison house, and she is even said to have given them a little whiskey.

Listen to some great Quarrymen tunes: