Hear Jimmy Page Tell the Story of His Legendary Fender Telecaster

The new "Mirror" and "Dragon" Teles celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Led Zeppelin's self-titled debut album.
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Back in January, Fender unveiled the fruits of its highly-anticipated collaboration with Jimmy Page, the Jimmy Page Signature Telecaster

With two models produced in the Fender Custom Shop, and two on Fender's production lines, the guitar embodies the multiple looks of Page's actual Telecaster, which was gifted to him by Jeff Beck in 1966. 

Now, Fender has released a neat animated video—narrated by Page himself—detailing the history of the guitar. You can check it out above.

Jimmy Page Mirrored Tele (4)

When Page first received it, the Telecaster featured only in its factory white blonde finish. It remained that way until February 1967, when he added eight circular mirrors to the body. Page played his mirrored Telecaster only briefly in the final years of the Yardbirds, and in mid-1967 he removed the mirrors and stripped and repainted the instrument himself, this time hand-painting a mystical dragon on the body.

When Led Zeppelin was formed in October 1968, the Dragon Telecaster became Page’s go-to instrument and he played it on stage and in the studio until 1969. It was also the main guitar used on the Led Zeppelin album.

For more information on the guitars, head over to Fender.com.

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