Hear David Crosby’s “Things We Do for Love” from His New Album

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PHOTO: Johnny Louis | Getty Images

David Crosby is streaming the lead track from his new album, Lighthouse, which comes out October 21.

Called “Things We Do for Love,” the track features Crosby singing over his delicately picked acoustic guitar. Crosby wrote the song for his wife, Jan, and it opens the new nine-track album.

Recorded at Jackson Browne’s studio Groove Masters, in Santa Monica, Lighthouse is Crosby’s fifth solo album in 45 years. His last, Croz, was released in 2014.

Crosby tells the Wall Street Journal that the past few years have been “a very fruitful time” for his songwriting.

“I don’t know how to explain this, but, most people my age have petered out,” says the 74-year-old singer and guitarist. “They don’t have a writing surge. My writing always comes in bursts, but for the last couple years, I’ve had this inexplicable surge. Probably the densest and longest surge I’ve had, which at this stage in the game is a miracle. I can’t explain why that would happen except that I’m happy. I’m a very happy guy. That may be the key to the whole deal.”

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Crosby co-wrote half of Lighthouse’s songs with League of Snarky Puppy, who also produced the album.

“He’s an immensely talented musician,” Crosby says. “He was very sneaky, too. He didn’t tell me he could play lead guitar. He didn’t tell me he could sing. And he never told me he could write words. But when we sat down at my house, we wrote three songs in three days.”

The Lighthouse track list is below.

Lighthouse Track List
1. “Things We Do For Love”
2. “The Us Below”
3. “Drive Out to the Desert”
4. “Look in Their Eyes”
5. “Somebody Other Than You”
6. “The City”
7. “Paint You a Picture”
8. “What Makes It So”
9. “By the Light of Common Day”