Eric Gales Shreds with His Band on the Latest "Dunlop Sessions" | VIDEO


Eric Gales is no stranger to Guitar Player magazine, and hopefully he’s not to you either.

But whether he is or isn’t, take a moment to watch him in this new episode of “Dunlop Sessions.” In it, Gales—a righty who plays lefty!—throws done some fiery licks with his band, which includes singer LaDonna Gales, drummer Aaron Haggerty and bassist Steve Evans. He also talks about his numerous influences, his first performance and how music is a vital means of expression.

When you’re done, check out this classic interview with Gales, in which he goes into depth about his gear, tunings and the influence of Jimi Hendrix on his playing.

And be sure to check out Dunlop’s YouTube channel for more great videos.