Dig My Rig! Ville Salojärvi of Lakewood Experiment

From GP's COMMUNITY section.

Here’s my live rig that I use with my rock-fusion outfit Lakewood Experiment. I play a modified Music Man Steve Morse (with simplified pickup switching) through a battery-powered Fulltone Ultimate Octave to an Engl Steve Morse head. The signal from the Engl’s loop travels to a TC Electronic Polytune, a Digitech Multi Chorus, a Line6 DL4 delay, and a TC Electronic Hall Of Fame to the loop return. The pedals in the loop are mounted on a DIY pedalboard with 3M Dual Lock tape, and are powered with Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2+. All cables are Cordial with Neutrik connectors, and the snake between the amp and pedalboard is homemade, as well. An Engl Z-11 midi pedal controls channel switching, and all effect selections are done “the old-fashioned way”—on the fly. The whole shebang is heard through early ’80s Marshall 1x12 cabinet with an 8-ohm Eminence The Governor 12" speaker. What goes between the guitar and the amp input may vary a bit, but lately, it has been mostly the Fulltone. I’m so madly in love with it! —Ville Salojärvi