David Lee Roth Requires 14 Stitches in Nose After Stage Accident | VIDEO


David Lee Roth’s nose injury during Van Halen’s Hollywood Boulevard show was more serious than he let on.

The lead singer sought medical treatment for it after the show and received 14 stitches.

The accident occurred during Van Halen’s March 30 performance on The Jimmy Kimmel Show. The band was performing on Hollywood Boulevard—which had been shut down for the performance—when Roth cut his nose while twirling a long baton just seconds into “Panama,” the group’s opening number.

Kimmel spoke about the incident on his March 31 program and showed viewers the clip in which the injury occurs, slowing it down and making it repeat over and over, in Oliver Stone JFK fashion.

“Our medic was trying to stop the bleeding, there was a good deal of blood,” Kimmel says. “David wanted the guy to just put duct tape on it and send him back out there.” Roth returned to the stage with a bandage on his nose, and the band played on.

This isn’t the first time Roth has injured himself in a stage accident. The singer had to cancel his U.S. solo tour in 2003 after smacking himself in the face with a large pole while attempting a samurai move. Roth needed 21 stitches for that episode. 

Van Halen used the Hollywood Boulevard show as a way to kick off not only the release of their new live album, Tokyo Dome Live Concert, but also their North American tour, which begins July 5, in Seattle.

As Kimmel says, “Do we think this is a good omen for the rest of the tour?”

Below you can see Kimmel's explanation of the injury, along with footage. We also have raw footage, showing Roth’s accident and its immediate aftermath.

Jimmy Kimmel Explains — Slow Motion

Raw Footage