Billy Sheehan Brings the Thunder on the 'No Guitar Is Safe' Podcast

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From working with Steve Vai, David Lee Roth, Paul Gilbert, and, in his new band, the Winery Dogs, Richie Kotzen, to sharing the bill with Yngwie Malmsteen and seeing Jimi Hendrix as his first rock concert, Billy Sheehan has some amazing stories to tell.

He’s also a pretty good bassist.

With all the priceless stuff Sheehan brings to the table, we figured we’d make an exception and have a four-stringer on No Guitar Is Safe podcast for the first time.

The reality is, guitarist or bassist, Sheehan is one the most inspiring players ever to touch a fretboard. He devotion to practicing, showmanship, and evolving new playing approaches will likely inspire not just people whose instruments have strings and pickups, but any any musician who listens to this interview.

And those stories. There are some good ones in there. No Guitar Is Safe host Jude Gold toured the U.S. and Southeast Asia with Sheehan when they were both in BX3, so the two go back 10 years now, and Gold makes sure Sheehan doesn’t leave any details out.

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