Billy Gibbons Covers Muddy Waters on Upcoming Solo Album, The Big Bad Blues

The ZZ Top guitarist tackles Waters' "Standing Around Crying"
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Mr. Billy F. Gibbons has released a lyric video of his Muddy Waters cover, "Standing Around Crying." 

The track appears on his forthcoming solo album (due September 21), The Big Bad Blues [Concord], that features six Gibbons originals mixed with songs by Waters, Bo Diddley, Jerome Green, and Gilly Stillwater. 

(Concord previously released his take on Waters' "Rollin' and Tumblin'" on July 20, and we've included that video here, as well.)

Gibbons' fat pocket on "Standing Around Crying" is masterful, and he discussed his approach to rhythm guitar when he talked to GP's Art Thompson in February 2016, after the release of his previous project, the Latin-grooved Perfectamundo.

"My pocket, I believe, comes from the blues, and it all comes together in its own quirky time," Gibbons explained. "Just as you think things are going to fall apart, they come together in a most engaging manner. The real excitement is actually to be found in layin' back. Ain't no reason for hurrying. What's the rush? It's a sixth sense one develops over time, and, most likely, divine intervention."

Here's "Standing Around Crying"

Check out "Rollin' and Tumblin'"


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