Bet You Didn't Know Adele Could Do This | VIDEO

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Adele is acclaimed for her songwriting and voice. But she has to write her songs on some instrument, and as it turns out, that’s usually guitar.

She occasionally has played acoustic guitar onstage, as she does in the video at the bottom of this page that shows her giving a solo performance of her hit “Someone Like You,” from her album 21. (The still image makes it look as if the video has been deleted, but it really is there. Just click the start icon.)

While it’s easy to see in that video that she has fingerpicking chops, it turns out that Adele is also adept on bass guitar. Check out the video below in which she gives a solo performance of “Best for Last,” from her debut album, 19, accompanying herself on an acoustic bass.

The fan-shot video is clear, and though it’s hard to make out some of the stage patter at the start of the clip, there’s no difficulty hearing her wonderful singing voice and deft bass work on the track.


Ignore the "Video Missing" image below. The video is there. Just click the "start" icon.