L.A. Driver Adds "Acid Jazz" Recorder Solo to ZZ Top’s “La Grange” | VIDEO


An unknown driver in Pasadena—there are a lot of them, after all—gave fellow commuters a treat the other day by loudly playing his recorder along with the Z.Z. Top hit “La Grange” while gyrating wildly to the music.

According to Gawker, the driver has been captured in several smartphone video clips adding his unique stylings to many other radio hits. This particular video was uploaded to YouTube by someone named Colby, who titled it simply, “The legend.”

While the driver remains unknown, one commenter—unverified, we might add—suspects the recorder-playing star might just be their dad. And if so, the story might not be a happy one.

“Dad has always been a, well, ‘artistic’ kind of a guy,” the commenter writes. “In the late ’80s he was in a jazz band that toured with Kenny G. He was a big fan of acid jazz, which is why you hear him playing that wild style.

“Sadly, my mother divorced him in 1996 because of his weird behavior and lack of money. I think it was the right decision. I still see him sometimes, but he lives in tiny apt on Fair Oaks which smells like cat. Nice enough guy though, wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

Whoever he is, you enjoy the video.