Watch Yngwie Malmsteen Demo the Fender Jimmy Page Telecaster

The Fender Jimmy Page Telecaster was released in January 2019 – in “dragon” and “mirror” Custom Shop and factory-line incarnations – to much fanfare.

Though one would expect that the guitar specializes in the sort of taught, razor-sharp tones – as heard on Led Zeppelin's legendary self-titled debut album – that made Page's original so famous, the six-string, in the right hands, definitely shows some sonic versatility as well.

Case in point is the above video, in which Yngwie Malmsteen – neoclassical shred titan and Strat aficionado – tears it up on his own Jimmy Page Telecaster.

Malmsteen had been asked by a fan named Eric Frehse if he owned any Teles and, in case he did, if he would mind taking one for a spin on camera. As it turns out, Malmsteen had just acquired a Page Telecaster, and was more than happy to take it for a test drive. 

“This doesn’t have any scallops, it doesn’t have any stacked pickups,” Malmsteen said of the guitar, before unleashing some oh-so-Yngwie-esque, million-miles-per-hour licks. “Real different.”

One point for the "hands over gear" team!

Jackson Maxwell
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