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Guitar Player Contributor Jesse Gress Fighting Incurable Lung Disease

(Image credit: Danny O’Connor)

For 30 years, guitarist Jesse Gress has educated and informed Guitar Player readers with accurate and entertaining lessons that covered the gamut of relevant topics. 

A Jesse Gress lesson might teach you how to master the basics of rhythm guitar, how to play in 15/8 time or use quintuplets, or - in one of his most popular series - “10 Things You Gotta Do” to play like Ritchie Blackmore, Robert Johnson, Joe Satriani and a number of other guitar greats. Thanks to Jesse’s lessons, millions of Guitar Player readers have become better players.

Now Jesse needs some help from us. 

“I've had a rough six months after contracting double pneumonia, flu B strain, and sepsis,” Jesse writes. “The combination left me with severe lung damage - idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, to be exact - for which there is no cure, and will ultimately require a lung transplant.”

Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis leaves patients struggling for breath and plagued by chronic coughing. As Jesse explains, there is no cure for the disease. Furthermore, no procedures or medications can remove the scarring from the lungs. And while treatments can slow progression of the lung scarring, they may not lessen the symptoms of cough and breathlessness.

A GoFundMe account has been created to help cover Jesse’s mounting bills for medical expenses. Many musicians, friends and fans have responded, and I’m hoping you will as well.

Please visit the GoFundMe campaign for Jesse Gress Medical Expenses and give whatever you can.

Funds will go to support Jesse’s care. Every bit helps and will be greatly appreciated.

On behalf of Jesse and the Guitar Player staff, thank you for your time and help.