NAMM 2016: Announcing the Reverend Billy Corgan BC-1 Signature

Check out the signature model two years in the making.
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Reverend Guitars and Billy Corgan have crossed paths before -- most recently through Jeff Schroeder, the "other" guitar player in The Smashing Pumpkins, who is an avid Reverend collector. Two years ago, Corgan called Joe Naylor, Reverend Guitars Founder and Designer, to talk about doing a Signature Model.

Neither man was interested in repeating himself. Both men intended to design a guitar that was unlike anything else out there – something with a fresh design, unique in tone and aesthetic, which embodies both classic and modern elements.

The Reverend Billy Corgan Signature BC-1 has a raised center ridge and strategic chambers under the pickguard to add resonance and reduce weight. The string-thru body bridge provides maximum sustain and a percussive attack. The BC-1 is loaded with Railhammer Billy Corgan Signature Pickups, part of Railhammers new Humcutter series.

Lastly, the body is topped with a segmented aluminum pickguard for a modern, yet timeless look. The guitar comes in Satin Purple Burst, Satin Metallic Alpine Green, Satin Pearl White, or Satin Metallic Silver Burst.

Rock and Roll's not dead, it's just hanging around at Reverend. Come to booth # 5793 or visit the Reverend website to find out why.