Blackstar offers free online guitar lessons to ID: Series amp users

Blackstar Amplification announces "Blackstar Potential," a free online lessons program featuring established artists and guitar teachers.
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Blackstar is known as a company that believes in inspiring guitarists with world-class tones and ground-breaking innovations that allow them to express themselves through their guitar like never before. Taking the next step forward, Blackstar is encouraging the guitarists of the future as well, by offering free online guitar lessons to all ID: Series amp users through the new Blackstar Potential program.

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Players can unlock their potential by signing up to receive exclusive ID: Series owners content plus multiple levels of lessons from artists such as Gus G.(Firewind, Ozzy Osbourne) and Jamie Humphries (Brian May band /20-year guitar teacher/former Australian Pink Floyd /) and more.

Lessons encompass a variety of topics and levels, which will be expanded on a monthly basis. Some samples include:

Beginner - Blues
Beginner - Mid 90 Brit pop/Indie Guitar
Beginner/Moderate - rock technique/pentatonic scales
Advanced - breakdown of Gus G. / Firewind title track, Few Against Many
And more...

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