3RD Power Now Shipping New British Dream version featuring Orange Glow


3RD POWER has announced that the 2013 British Dream amplifier is now shipping with a hot new feature called Orange Glow, an all-tube gain mode that increases the saturation of overdriven guitar tones. The new British Dream features simple front-panel access to both the original Vintage Gain Mode and the new, higher gain Orange Glow mode. With Orange Glow active, your guitar tone becomes more expressive and overdriven with pure tube saturation without relying on clipping diodes, often associated with fuzzy and harsh distortion effects. HybridMASTER has been updated to make playing guitar at lower volume levels more satisfying than ever. The redefined ’59 AC channel has been updated to deliver a higher level of touch-sensitivity, chime and growl than ever before.

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“We created the British Dream amplifier out of a love and passion for iconic British guitar tones of the late  ’50s, ’60s and beyond. With this new version, we went back to our root inspiration – to bring our favorite AC30 together with our favorite Plexi while keeping your musical inspiration at the forefront,” says Jamie Scott, 3RD POWER’s designer and CEO. “The Orange Glow feature brings a new level of high-octane overdriven guitar tone and places it at your fingertips. Plus we’ve added great new enhancements to the AC channel and HybridMASTER that make performing, recording and even low-volume jamming more satisfying.”

The updated British Dream places the new Orange Glow gain mode at your fingertips by way of a push/pull volume control on the ’68 Plexi channel. With its updated EF86 pentode preamp tube design, the new ’59 AC channel delivers more vintage sounding “Voxy” chime and swirl than ever before. The enhanced HybridMASTER functionality expands the range of volume attenuation so that even bedroom jam sessions are more fun and inspiring without disturbing the neighbors.

The British Dream is two-channel all tube guitar amplifier that features 3RD POWER’s sonic refinements of classic British amplifiers: the ’59 Vox AC30 and the ’68 Marshall Plexi. The British Dream is available both as a 112 combo amplifier and as a amp head only. Both versions feature 3RD POWER’s patent-pending HybridMASTER volume management technology. The combo version features 3RD POWER’s proprietary SwitchBACK speaker chamber technology for a refined frequency response and wider sound dispersion.

Even with all of these design enhancements, British Dream pricing will remain steady at $2,499 for the head version, $2,899 for a 1x12 combo loaded with an Eminence Legend speaker, and $3,099 for a 1x12 combo loaded with a Celestion Alnico Gold.

Upgrades are also available for current owners. For more information please visit 3rdpower.com